Criminal Mastermind

[by Daniel Barton]

[The Author] Dan is a young man hitting his twenties whom has many hobbies (Video Games, Comic Books, Movies, Anime, Sports). He is by origin a Californian but is currently living in the state of Massachusetts with his fiance. You can contact Dan by E-mailing him at


Lord Deathblow

Real Name: Tim McDowell.
Age: 23.
Hobbies: Taking over the world.
Bio: As Tim McDowell, Lord Deathblow was a loser his entire life. At least, until he learned of his powers. Now he seeks to unleash his furious vengence upon the world, despite his often insane, less than rational staff.


Real Name: Mike Hunt Anieta-Cox Jr.
Age: 21.
Hobbies: Watching sports, movies, and using telepathy.
Bio: Bobert found out at a young age he was psychic, and decided to give his services to the highest bidder, as a henchman. His long time best friend is Killer, who, despite being a total moron, is the person Bobert trusts the most.


Real Name: Unknown.
Age: 21.
Hobbies: Playing "Is that Edible", sniffing objects, and figuring out what can or cannot fit up his nose.
Bio: Killer is a man of many secrets; his past and personal information isn't even known by his closest friend, Bobert. One thing that is known about him is that he's stupid. Really stupid. A pet rock may have a higher IQ. Despite the low intelligence he posesses, he is an expert in armed and hand-to-hand combat.


Real Name: Unit 000-1.
Age: Not applicable.
Hobbies: Killing, maming, torturing... basiclly, stuff Dick Cheney wishes he could do.
Bio: Robos is the right-hand robot created by Lord Deathblow. Robos is cruel, cunning, efficient, and ruthless. However, due to a programming error, he is sexually attracted to many odd things, from monsters to houseplants.

Sodom Izeor

Real Name: Sodom Izeor.
Ages: Three centuries old.
Hobbies: His name is Sodom Izeor, take a wild guess.
Bio: Sodom Izeor is a horrible beast from the realm of eternal darkness, bought by Lord Deathblow through E-bay Japan. He is obesessed with commiting unspeakable acts to one's genitals, but does follow his master's commands.. for the most part.

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